Twice Moonlight Sunrise Outfits

Twice, the popular Kpop girl group, debuted their latest album, ‘Taste of Love,’ on June 9th, 2021. One of the album’s standout concept and music videos is “Moonlight Sunrise.”

The “Moonlight Sunrise” music video is aesthetically pleasing, from the dreamy scenery to the stylish outfits. Twice members, who typically embody cute and playful images, took on a more mature and elegant look in this music video, with Twice Moonlight Sunrise Outfits  that showcase their beauty and style.

In the music video, the members wore a range of colorful outfits in earthy tones like sage green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. The outfits gracefully complemented the beautiful natural scenery around them.

A notable outfit was worn by Nayeon, who wore an asymmetrical dress in a soft pink hue with a matching jacket that gave a girly yet sophisticated look. It was paired with matching lace-up heels, completing the overall aesthetic.

The outfit worn by Momo was also noteworthy. She wore a stunning powder blue pantsuit with a bell-bottomed cut, which was reminiscent of the 70s style. The look was decidedly feminine and chic, down to her matching blue earrings.

Jeongyeon wore an oversized white turtleneck sweater paired with green cargo pants, making a statement with a laid-back yet stylish look. Meanwhile, Jihyo wore a dynamic earthy orange dress with a mash-up of different patterns and textures, showcasing her edgy and experimental side.

Finally, Mina wore a floral-patterned maxi dress with a tied waist, adding a touch of romance and femininity to the music video’s overall mood.

In conclusion, Twice Moonlight Sunrise Outfits in the “Moonlight Sunrise” music video were timeless, stylish, and chic, fitting perfectly with the dreamy landscape and the mood of the song. Each outfit not only showcases the members’ unique personalities but also serves as inspiration for many fashion lovers.

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